I am a Senior Product Designer at Format, a platform that empowers photographers to successfully run their businesses. The company offers an online portfolio builder that allows users to create a portfolio website, and a workflow product including client proofing, file transfer tools, and a client manager.




Senior Product Designer


2018 - Present

Screenshot of Format's Collections feature.

Pages Editor

Format started as a portfolio website builder for creatives and it remains our bread and butter to this day. It requires time and energy to ensure that this experience is clear and efficient to use, and one example of this is Format’s page editor.

The page editor is a key feature of the portfolio building experience; it’s where the user creates their pages and organizes their site’s navigation.

A drag-and-drop interface gives the user ultimate control over their site navigation, and a new ‘Create’ dropdown lets them create any type of page from one place. These significant changes give the user a clearer focus on how to create pages and organize their site’s navigation to best suit their needs.

Screenshot of Format's pages editor.

Design Editor

One of the biggest challenges of any website builder is how to let the user alter the look and feel of their site.

A two-column layout lets the user play with design variables while simultaneously seeing the changes applied to the site. This decision greatly accelerates the users design process by allowing them to play with multiple variables in a short amount of time. If the user is not interested in granular design decisions, the design editor also allows for global changes that can be made with the click of a button.

Screenshot of Format's powerful design editor.

Snapple Design System

Aptly named after one of our office dogs, Snapple was created to bring visual consistency to the Format app and expedite design and development time.

We defined basic styles and applied those styles to a set of components that are used to create interfaces within Format. All components are built using Figma's auto layout feature, allowing designers to work even more efficiently at multiple screen sizes.

Meanwhile, developers have built every component in React, giving them a library to grab from without having to build individual components from scratch.

Screenshot of some components included in Format's Snapple design system.

Custom Domains

A feature request we heard over and over was for custom domains for user sites.

Understandably, users wanted to appear professional to their potential clients, which just isn’t possible without a custom domain.

Securing your own domain is often an intimidating experience; we were determined to make this process as simple and welcoming as possible.Users are able to simply search for their domain of choice inside of Format, purchase and set it up in a matter of minutes, all in a single flow. 

Screenshot of Format's domain search interface.
Screenshot of the domain settings section of the Format app.

This study just scratches the surface of what Format has to offer. It's an extensive platform with new features being added on a consistent basis, so feel free to visit to sign up and experience it for yourself.

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